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Benefits of using Battery operated agricultural sprayer

Agriculture industry has been growing and changing it’s from over the several years. The new system indicates towards increasing demand of lawn and garden equipment. Professionals love to use battery operated sprayer as it increase productivity and compete with growing business demands.

Battery sprayers are agricultural equipments used for spraying liquids as pesticides, herbicides in fields and protect crop form pest attack. They generate high pressure and can be used for multiple applications. Crop nutrition management and increasing crop production are important aspects of agriculture industry. Due to their multiple applications, these are widely used in agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, plantations, forestry, gardens, nursery and lawns.

Top 5 benefits of using a battery operated sprayer

1) Improve Productivity

Electric sprayers can’t replace manpower but use of battery operated equipments can improve productivity. These are perfect replacement of traditional pump sprayers. Instead of manual pumping, employees can do the job faster with absence of pumping or applying pressure on machines. One can receive faster spraying using nozzles.

2) Noise less

Battery operated sprayers are noiseless that is best to use in residential area. It’s less noise is good for users health. Employees don’t get irritated with noise and hence can work for long hours.

3)  Environmentally-Friendly

These are less pollutant as these agricultural sprayers emit less waste and emission. Environmental friendly appearance makes these popular among users.

4) Cost Friendly

While using in longer term, battery operated sprayers is cost saver over other sprayers. This also saves labour cost.

5) Not Heavy

Battery operated sprayers are not very heavy and it is easy to handle. These have very few parts, hence lead to low maintenance cost.

6) Less Fatigue

With good tank capacity, these crate less fatigue on users.

7) Accurate and consistent results

Battery sprayers are well known for accurate and consistent results.

We at chandak Agro Equipments offer a variety of agricultural sprayers that are suitable and cost efficient to manage all your work. Choose a suitable one as per various performance specifications, design and size. For more information about the product, please visit:

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