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The best Battery Operated sprayers in Agricultural Industry

When we talk about even application on large areas, then battery operated sprayers play a great role. It’s need arises when you require to use liquid solution around your home lawn or garden area. You can also use traditional hand pump sprayers but they can cause a patchy application and not the best result you must be thinking of.

We assure you benefit for investing in a battery operated sprayer as it will be enhance your ability to spray on a larger area with saving time, energy and cost simultaneously.

Structure of battery powered backpack Sprayer

Battery sprayers are equipped with a lithium ion battery that helps to maintain constant pressure in tank and consistent output during the spray process. Apart from battery you must consider following points while purchasing a battery operated sprayer:

  • Tank Size of Sprayer
  • All attachments
  • Battery durability
  • Comfort of handling the tank

One of the best Battery Operated Sprayer

Victor Knapsack battery sprayer is one of the best sprayers available in market with its best description. This 16 litre battery powered sprayer comes with a reliable battery system, adjustable shoulder strap, diaphragm tank and charger and various spray nozzles to meet your spraying needs. 

Product Specification

  • Pressure: 4.0-5.5
  • Gross weight: 5.5
  • Original Battery: 12V/12AH
  • Dimension: 39×19.5×48
  • 4 LPM, automatic cut off pump
  • Polypropylene pump body and viton valves
  • Triple thickness backpack straps
  • Wide mouth for no-spill filling

Application of battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

A battery operated sprayer can spray 30 feet upwards with the right nozzle using a stream. You can use pesticides or herbicides application on ornamental trees which are very tough to reach.

This is one area when traditional pump sprayers fall short. If you have these types of projects around your house you will definitely want to invest in a powered sprayer.

How does battery operated Sprayer work?

Battery backpack sprayer is filled with water and get mixed with the product you want to use. Before using always read product manual before mixing. After mixing, turn on an electric battery operated sprayer to pressurize the tank.

It comes with different types of nozzles and accessories. So it can be used for spraying chemicals at garden, farms and landscapes. These are also suitable for disinfecting house, offices and large public places.

How much a battery operated sprayer cost?

These come in genuine price range and price range varies due to different components used, battery quality and type of technology used.

Top 4 benefits of using it

  1. Cost Saving– It saves labour cost as well it is cost effective because of its durability.
  2. Time saving– These are time saving because of creating pressure and discharge approx 2-4 litres per minute depending on motor configuration.
  3. Comfortable design– These comes in light weight that allows it to carry on back easily and space saving models.
  4. Good Pressure controller– It allows farmers to control the pressure while using the application.
  5. Environment Friendly– It is made with considering environment in mind.

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