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How to clean Cars using Car washer

Using a pressure car washer like the CA-CW2500E from Chandak Agro Equipments can be a great way to clean or wash your car and get the desired results.

Car cleaning tips with pressure washer:

  • Set the car washer on appropriate settings.
  • Use wide spray nozzle to avoid damaging the paint.
  • Always wash the car on a harder surface,
  • Never spray inside the engine
  • Keep the force of nozzle spray away when you are cleaning windows, lights or other fragile parts.

Steps to follow while using Car Washers for cleaning cars:

  1. At first rinse the car with plain water using car washer pressure.
  2. Use the pressure washer to apply detergent to the car (usually the black nozzle tip).
  3. Leave the detergent on the car surfaces for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Use a car brush to remove any dirt or grime.
  5. Use the pressure washer nozzle to rinse off the detergent, working from top to bottom by caring all the tips given above.

Features of car washers:

  • Car washer must have various nozzles so that you can get right spray for soaping, washing and rinsing.
  • Buy or rent a washer that has wheels as it makes easier to move in lawn or workshop.
  • It must have a long hose.
  • Car washer must have various PSI settings.
  • If you are considering buying a car washer for professional use must check its pump capacity. Some pressure washers can clean 15-20 cars in a day while some with premium quality pump can do the job of washing 20-25 cars in a day.

Benefits of using car washer

  • Pressure washer makes the cleaning task easier in comparison to washing by hand or garden hose.
  • It works from top to bottom of the car.
  • The high pressure washers have proved to stand tall in the market, despite the competition. This machine is equipped to handle the highest pressure and not heat-up. The wiring and motor of this machine is designed to run for hours and not wear out. The main feature of this magnificent machinery is that it can be dragged from one place to another with its easy-wheels. This makes it easy to clean as well. Even if the machine is used vigorously, the gap between the machine and the ground lets it cool down, momentously. The standard attachments of this machine make it a favourite fit for any workshops or car cleaning units. This machine is a must-buy for any new or old car washing services. These machines are highly efficient and time saving that makes the job easier.
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